2m Social Distancing Signage

Our world has changed

It’s fair to say that over the past few weeks our world has changed due to the COVID-19 Pandemic. Over the course of the next few months, it’s important for businesses to put measures into place that the government have outlined in order to practice social distancing within their organisations.

We are here to help and have created a number of Social Distancing Signage options to suit your needs, so whether its an office environment or a public space you will require some kind of Social Distancing Signage to help people practice social distancing.

Below are just a few products aimed to support the 2m social distancing rules these products are available on our website to purchase today.


Need something a little more custom or on-brand for your company?

Download Your Free A4 Social Distancing Poster

If you need a free A4 2m social distancing poster for your office or public space then this one is on us. Simply add to your cart and download it for free.

We also offer A4 snap frames to place around your office to help people practice the 2m Social Distancing

Or a freestanding Social Distancing Snap Frame Poster Holder which can guide the public throughout your store on Social Distancing Rules.

Social Distancing Pull up Banner

This is a great way to easily place within your store to remind the public on social distancing advice for which the public can practice. Pop one of these up in your queuing area and it will help the public remind them of the rules in place to protect against COVID-19 and the Governments advice.

If you need some advice or help on your Social Distancing Signage or have multiple locations you need to cover 
for your business then we are here to help.

Follow the 2m 

Protect the NHS